Dreamy guitar riffs and atmospheric synth sounds - with their new single “Overload“ Phools wrap up the isolation vibe of the last year and a half in a bed of blissful pop. In a universe of feelings, somewhere between melancholic heaviness and a dance with your eyes closed, “OVL” drifts through the lethargic loneliness of everyday life on classical Phools 80s drums, leaving you with the warm feeling of a long-awaited embrace

in the middle of the dance floor.
Spread your arms, move to the bass and start whistling - there‘s no loneliness

as long as we experience it together.


"Shiny Shiny"


"What would the world be like, without some shiny shiny ?" 


"Part of You"


"Don ́t tell me I can ́t lose what I don ́t have.

Cause I can lose whatever I want.

And I want you." 


"Picture in my mind"


"Don ́t tell me I can ́t lose what I don ́t have.

Cause I can lose whatever I want.

And I want you." 



Our first release.

We are proud we´ve made it so far.

Over the last 4 years our individuel lifes were passing a lot of changes, most of them good or even overwhelming. Throughout this we catched every possibility for having luxury time, which means making music, hanging around, talking and dreaming.

A lot of songs came just out of the blue  some requiered the long way.

Egolovers was one of that kind you do in one night and brood about why you don´t want to change anything ?

We only needed an epic guitar solo which was played by our dear friend Christoph Bernewitz.

The song made it close to the finalmix without any touches.

We asked Sven Ludwig @ Frequenzfreiheit if he wants to do the last step  with us and yes it took a lot for us to finally release  our music.

So here it is.


"Part of me"


You get up. You don ́t get dressed. Naked in the bathroom, you stay forever over the sink looking at your pale hands in the clear, meandering water. You stopped seeing yourself a long time ago, you already know that picture. 





Some Words 

Starting a band without a laid out career plan? No concept?
Varying intrumentation? In the day and age of the highly
professionalised overachiever, that ́s just foolish. And it ́s the absolute right thing to do.
Phools stopped hesitating and just let it go.
Band members Paul Tetzlaff, Antje Seifarth and Marcel Aue all met in
the studio, drifting and vaguely in search of the miraculous.
Atmospheric and groomed pop music that ́s not standing in the way of
ones own thoughts and ambitions that is.
If you ́d imagine Phools as the pearl of an oyster it wouldn ́t just
shimmer in a dull silver, but glow in the decadent colours of
unexplored flowers, never able to be tamed by a vase but creating
forests of your most lucid dreams.
Monochrome synth patches and melodies, unsure to choose between
bitter euphoria or melancholic bliss, structure the debut/self-
titled 4-Track-EP, driven by the blue lights of a late night out.
The memories of a strangers face on the street, that one perfect
cherry you once tasted and endless days by the lake are all vague
and fleeing, as you can only hold on to so much.
But what do you do with all the things that you don ́t possess
Phools got some ideas for you.




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